10 Facts About ME


Don’t know me?  You should!  Here are a few things that make me who I am.

  1. Military wife life.
       I am an Army wife, so wherever my husband goes I do.  Thanks to the military I will be talking a lot about Hawaii, which is where we currently live.  You will also learn that moving to Texas is on our agenda this coming September and I couldn’t be more stoked!
  2. You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl!
       If you know me, you know I am a proud Texan.  All Texans are proud and it’s just how we all are.  I grew up on the Northeast side of San Antonio, where you can find breakfast tacos, burger joints, and BBQ shacks on damn near every corner.  Moving to Hawaii was a huge culture shock because my Texan habits didn’t work out too well on an island.  You actually meet people here who don’t like cilantro and think mild salsa is too hot.
  3. What is my favorite TV Show?
       No matter what,  I will never ever decide to stop watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  If I’m down, watching this show will completely change my mood.  I have to say I cry about 4 times a week because of the wonderful things Ellen does for people in need.  I laugh about 100 times a week from the show alone, not including other times that I laugh.
  4. I love my fur babies.
      I love animals.  Period.  There is something about the personality of an animal that cannot compare to the personality of a human.  I don’t have kids yet, so the meaning of unconditional love is what my dogs show me.  Apollo and Bella are my first real pets of my own.  I grew up with dogs my whole life, but things change, you move and then realize that having your own home doesn’t mean that your sisters dogs come with you.  That is why my husband Kevin and I decided to adopt Apollo from the Oahu SPCA.  Little did we know that later on we would be blessed to have his sister Bella added to our family.  Rescuing is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  5. 25 years young.
       I was born on October 30th, 1990, which yes, makes me an official 90’s baby.  Born at 2:30 p.m, if my mother would have just waited a little longer I could have been a Halloween baby but it’s okay.  Halloweekend is always a fun one for me.
  6. I love cosmetics.
      I am a huge makeup fanatic.  I love the art.  My interest started when my sister Melissa worked behind the Clinique counter at Foley’s before Macy’s bought it out. After a few years she ended up becoming an artist at Sephora. The tips and tricks she learned back then really helped me develop a big passion for it.  When I look at photos of myself, I love to see how far I’ve gotten at my skill of makeup application.  I follow tons of YouTube makeup gurus and love to learn new things and test out new foundation routines and new products.
  7. Are you hungry? Always.
      Kevin and I are the biggest foodies.  I got into trying new food when I started working at an italian restaurant back home in San Antonio.  I don’t think I would have this interest if I never worked there.  It was an amazing learning experience for me.  Since then, trying new restaurants and experimenting with new ingredients is so fun.  It’s great to be able to advance your pallet and enjoy things that people don’t normally put in their food every day.  If you look at my instagram, I showcase creations that my husband and I whip up, making people drool on the daily.
  8. My guilty pleasure.
      I am a huge Kardashian/Jenner sister clan fan.  I love the glam, the beauty and the fashion.  I love the values they have as a huge family.  It may sound crazy to you when I say that, but if so, you probably don’t watch the show… and that is okay!  Everyone has their own likes and dislikes.  It is funny, I get fashion ideas, fitness motivation (only to a certain extent), and make up tips.  Watching them remind me of my sisters and I when we were younger and living together.  I love it.
  9. Working for the military.
       I currently work for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.  I am a senior associate in the military clothing sales store.  I actually enjoy my job.  A lot of folks who work for AAFES don’t say that, but I can.  I love helping the airmen out with their uniforms.  It makes me feel good to know that someone relies on me for help when it comes to their uniforms.  I get customers that come back and truly thank me for everything I do for them.  Nothing feels better than being appreciated.
  10. Laughing is the key to happiness.
      If there is one thing I love to do, it is laugh.  Nothing beats the feeling of a great laugh.  Do you ever just come across people with no sense of humor what so ever?  Don’t ever take life too seriously because you’ll never get the time back that you lost from being upset or too serious.  Have a little fun, pop open a beer, talk about life, laugh about good times and relax.

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