When I Need A Fix…

Living in Hawaii, I’ve had the opportunity to try tons of new restaurants and food businesses.  Yelp is my #1 favorite app to use when I want to go on one of my many foodie adventures.  Check out a few dishes that I just had to have again and again.

Big Kahuna’s – Garlic Cheese Balls

o (1)
  Bite into one of these bad boys and your taste buds will be begging for more.  These little cheesy and gooey balls of deliciousness are the first things you should order when you go to Big Kahuna’s. The moment you step into the place, a big smell of butter and garlic will slap ya eyes out ya face.  The pizza and sandwiches are also bomb diggity. Don’t pass ’em up!

Nanding’s Bakery – Spanish Rolls

o (2)

   Kevin is a sucker for these.  Located in a small little bakery hidden in the streets of Oahu,  you will find the almighty spanish roll.  They may just look like your normal bread stick, but behind those blistering hot bread walls is a majestic combination of butter and sugar waiting to blow your mind.  For 3 for $1.00 you can run away from this place with a dozen of them for less than $5!  Beware of the husbands, also known as the spanish roll monsters.

Monkeypod Kitchen – Pumpkin Patch Ravioli

o (5)o (3)

One of my goals by the time I leave is to either get the recipe for this dish from the restaurant itself, or learn to make it on my own.  Indulge into the decadent taste of fresh ravioli noodles filled with  kobacha pumpkin, topped with spinach and goat cheese.  Every time my husband and I come here it is mandatory that we share one of these.  Flavor overload!

La Tour Cafe – Kouign Amann

o (6)

   If you’ve never tried a kouign amann before, you have to if you need a positive change in your life.  Kouign amanns are like croissants on crack.  It’s pretty much a croissant dough dusted in salt and a bunch of sugar before being placed in the oven.  Since croissant dough is pretty much 50% butter, baking it creates a caramel-like texture on the outside.  When you break into it, prepare to experience a rich ride through the sweet, buttery and salty goodness.  La Tour Cafe in Pearl City makes a mean kouign amann.

7-11 Hawaii – Spam Musubi

spam 7 11 case medium 2 b

   It was months before I finally had a spam musubi.  Everyone thought I was insane.  The oddest thing was that everyone was telling me to go to my local 7-11 convenience store for one.  I once and for all got a chance to pick one up and it was pretty good.  Nowadays it’s a great snack to pick up if I am hungry but don’t want to ruin my appetite for dinner.  I’m glad I can say I will be able to make this when I move, simple ingredients.  Sad to say that I will not find these at my local 7-11 in Texas.

Alan Wong’s Restaurant – Keahole Lobster Escargot Style

o (7)

   Alan Wong’s was one of our first fine dining experiences here on Oahu.  His cooking methods are out of this world, you can really feel his passion when you eat his food.  This dish is amazing.  Succulent lobster presented escargot style, drenched in a red onion butter and topped with Parmesan cheese.  Sometimes when we go here, I almost want to order two of these for myself!  Entirely way too addicting for my own good.

   These are just a few of my many favorite discoveries here in Hawaii.  I’ll share more of my foodie experiences with you guys as I run into them!


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