Inspire: Express Yourself


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”
-Robin Williams

This quote is the reason why I started my blog this week.  I want to share my ideas and take ya’ll for a ride into my mind. I want to help people and direct people to try what has been good for me.  I feed friends, co-workers, family and customers all the time with information on the things that I truly love.  Why can’t I share my ideas and words with you guys and take a shot at changing the world as well?  Don’t be afraid to express yourself.  Be open and someone who is just like you will appreciate what you have to say.  I think that is the problem with the world right now, some people are okay with saying whatever is on their mind, while others are quiet and never say how they feel, so they just go along with everything.  That quiet person could have the potential to be the president of the United States one day, but won’t be because they are too shy to share their ideas with the world. Some are afraid to speak their mind because of what others will think of them.  If you have a brilliant idea, tell someone, it might change the world.


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