What’s for dinner? Baked Chicken

Kevin and I had been so lazy for the last few days.  Going out to eat and getting take out.  I had to make a meal.  I wanted to make an easy meal so I decided to go with my baked chicken.  I got some asparagus and just classic ol’ Pasta Roni to go with it.  I’ve been using this baked chicken recipe for a while now.  I like to do different variations of the same technique depending on what I’m eating it with.

I brined the two chicken thighs in an ice water bath with a generous helping of salt and McCormick’s poultry seasoning.  Not too long, maybe an hour since it was a last minute decision to make it and Kevin and I were starving.  You can usually brine it for 3-5 hours, and it will give the meat a very tender texture and bring out its flavor.

I pre-heat the oven to 375°.  In the mean time, I buttered an oven-safe square dish.  I heat up the grill pan to a medium high heat with a drizzle of olive oil.

Next, I sprinkled the chicken thighs front and back with kosher salt and black pepper.

Once the pan becomes hot, I gently place the thighs into it skin side down.  Dust them with poultry seasoning.  Keep them on this pan until browned and skin is slightly blistered.


Once browned, I set the golden brown chicken thighs onto the square dish I buttered earlier, dust the skin side with poultry seasoning as well.


Bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes.

While that is baking,  I slightly boil some asparagus spears in a shallow pan.


When the asparagus turns a beautiful bright green in color, I take it out, strain it and place it into an ice bath to stop it from internally cooking.  This helps the asparagus to keep its crisp texture.


After about 5-10 minutes, I lay the asparagus to air dry on a bed of paper towels.


When I had 15 minutes I started my Pasta Roni and the threw my asparagus on the grill pan.


I put the grill pan on a medium high heat.  I threw on a pat of butter and minced garlic.  I put all the asparagus in, added a dash of salt, white pepper, and ground ginger.  Sauteing them, I make sure they are browned on all sides.  Take off of heat.



Once the timer went off for the chicken, I took it out, let it cool off for about 5-7 minutes and plated it.  Skin came out nice and crispy, just how I like it.


It was pretty delicious.




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