What You Got In That Bag? January Glam Bag

So, my January Ipsy bag was so late getting delivered.  I received it two days ago.  If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure that two days ago was February 3rd.  A little late to be getting a January glam bag don’t you think?  It was stuck in North Carolina since January 10th.  It can be cool because I get two bags in one month now.  Which by the way, the February glam bag is so CUTE!  Anyways, I finally got it and here’s what was inside!


The theme for January’s bag was “All Eyes On You” and featured a full sized Mr. Write Now Eye-Liner Pencil by The Balm Cosmetics.  I got it in Jack B. Bronze, rich bronze color.

20160205_164523.jpgThe Balm Cosmetics – Mr. Write Now Eye-Liner Pencil in Jack B. Bronze – $17.00 on thebalm.com

Unfortunately, this eye shadow was all crumbly and broken when it came in.  Hopefully I will be able to save it and still try it out.

J. Cat Beauty – Blinkle Shimmer Eye Shadow in Tangerine Light – $4.99 on jcatbeauty.com

I’m really excited to use this next product.  My brows are the most important to me when it comes to my make up, so I’m thrilled to see how this is gonna work out for me.  This product is usually a full sized duo, so this for sure is a sample.  The price marked down below is for the duo.

20160205_164738.jpgPeek Beauty – Natural Stain Brow Powder Duo – $22.00 on peekbeauty.co

I already started using this lip balm and love it.  It is super moisturizing and better yet it’s organic!  Smells great as well!

Lasting Smiles – Lip Balm in Peppermint Creme – $3.99 at Target

This next product normally comes in a duo as well, but Ipsy gives you a cute trial sized of it.  trèStiQue also gives you a choice to get a trio of these bad boys in mini size for $32.00

trèStiQue – Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Florence Fig – Mini Trio $32.00 on trestique.com

I got this free mascara after referring my best friend Bree to Ipsy.  We both ended up getting one.  I haven’t tried it yet, but how bad can it be?  It’s by em.

20160205_164554.jpgEm Cosmetics by Michelle Phan – Lash Gallery Clean Volume Mascara – $16.00 on emcosmetics.com

Do you guys understand how much of a deal this is every month?  Everything in my bag together is estimated at about $63.60.  More or less.  I pay only $10.00 and receive awesome products like these every single month!  You can’t beat it.  I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Subscribe on the link below and be sure to share to Facebook and Twitter to get off of the waiting list quicker!



6 thoughts on “What You Got In That Bag? January Glam Bag

  1. Minimanimom

    Your bag is way better than mine! I received the other mascara (the red tubed one) and it did not do anything to my lashes. I have the em one but waterproof, it also doesn’t give a big pizzazz to the lashes, but it definitely does more than the one I received. Very nice pics btw!

    Liked by 1 person

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