Mexican Night In The Moore Kitchen

This meal right here is one of Kevin’s favorites.  Since there is absolutely no Chipotle on Oahu, we like to have something very similar every once in a while… but in the comfort of our own home.  This is our grilled chicken with black beans and cilantro lime rice.

Prep what you can before hand to prevent having to rush during cooking time.

20160211_190105Today, Kevin seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper and McCormick’s poultry seasoning for about 4 hours before we started cooking.

20160211_185521Once we got hungry and were ready to cook, Kevin dry rubbed the same chicken breast with an ancho chile dry rub.  (Secret recipe… sorry.)

Kevin seared the chicken breast on the grill pan until it was nice and charred on both sides until done.

20160211_18551120160211_192056Kevin prepared a can of black beans.  We used the La Preferida brand.

We enjoyed a can of roasted corn along with it, Del Monte Fire-Roasted style.

Unfortunately, I had to make rice in the pot because my rice cooker broke. 😦  I know… first world asian problems. When it was done, we threw in some cilantro, lime juice and minced garlic.

20160211_19254820160211_19321520160211_193414Kevin sliced it like so, look at that beautiful chicken breast!

20160211_200312You could throw it all together, layered in a bowl.  We decided to plate it separately.  It’s however you prefer.  Throw some cheese on, and voila!


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