A Few of My Favorite YouTube Channels

I find it crazy how YouTube has evolved since it started.  It has given millions and millions of people the chance to share  absolutely anything they put their mind to.  Many of folks have had the opportunity to showcase their creativity, interests and ideas with the world.  It has become bigger than ever and I’m so upset I didn’t think of it first.  Here are a few of my favorite channels to watch.

1. Carli Bybel


This girl is my absolute favorite make up guru.  I’ve tried so many of her tips and tricks and it has really helped me up my skills over the years.  She’s recently taught me how to french braid, and it’s the first time I watched a tutorial on it that actually worked out for me.  She’s so beautiful  and her style is so fab.

2. Love On 6th/For The Love Of Sha

loveon6thweblove of sha

Sade Reyes is one of my best friends back in Texas and I am so proud of how far shes come in the YouTube world.  Her channel Love on 6th debuted in March of 2015 and I can’t believe how amazing she’s gotten at this.  Love on 6th is a vlog channel that takes you on a ride through her everyday life with her beautiful family.  I love to watch it because I feel like she is talking to me and I just miss her so much being all the way in Hawaii.  Brian her husband is so hilarious and I love how confident she is with sharing her life with the world.  She recently launched her second channel For The Love of Sha, which focuses more on her interests of beauty, fashion, and fitness.  You know… the girly stuff we all love.  Please support my girl and click on the links above to check her out!  You go girl!

3. Byron Talbott


I discovered Byron Talbott as I was browsing through YouTube one day looking for recipes.  I came across this fella and decided to subscribe because his recipes looked absolutely amazing.  Him and his wife both are in the YouTube business, she does a beauty channel.  I learned to make and master duck confit  from this guy.  He has some serious cooking skills and makes his recipes look so easy.  Everything he makes is so unique and I really like that about him.  Here’s your chance to get your cooking skills up!

4. Gordon Ramsay


I’m pretty positive you guys are familiar with this man.  The Hell’s Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay has the quickest cooking videos that you will ever come across.  Kevin and I love how straight-to-the-point he is with his videos.  No lollygagging here.  We’ve tried several of his recipes and they always come out freaking amazing.

5. Jenna Marbles


I’ve been watching Jenna Mourey as long as I can remember.  Go see this woman for a great laugh.  Her comedic videos shows off the life of a silly girl and her cute ass dogs Marbles, Kermit and Peach.  She makes songs, shares her thoughts, gives advice and more all in a hilarious manner.  She recently guest appeared on Kocktails With Khloe, so you know shes made it big!

6. Michelle Phan


Michelle Phan was one of my first favorites when it comes to all the makeup gurus I watch.  I’ve been watching her since the very beginning and she’s come a long long LONG LONG way.  I cannot emphasize it enough.  She’s become a multi-millionaire from YouTube, being one of the faces of Lancome and the founder of Ipsy and Em Cosmetics she truly is living her dream.

7. Daym Drops


Do you guys ever see commercials for fast food joints and their new menu items and just aren’t sure if you’d like em or not?  Daymon Patterson, the star of Daym Drops YouTube channel will let you know how these fast food meals are!  Not that the places he goes to are healthy or anything, but sometimes you’re curious and just want to try Taco Bell’s new creation.  Who likes to waste money right?  Go to his page and he will let you know from the comfort of his own car straight out of the drive-thru.

I watch a whole lot more channels than this, and can go on forever and ever, but here were just a few that I hope you will check out as well!


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