Saturday Night Surf and Turf

Tonight we had an AMAZING dinner.  We got these two GIGANTIC ribeyes and paired them with some delicious snow crab legs and asparagus.

Kevin bought this beautiful giant stock pot with a steam tray the other day and we were so excited to use it for some good seafood!
Look at these beautiful gems we came across at the commissary today.  Big juicy ribeyes.  Kevin uses the cast iron skillet for the perfect sear.  He generously salted and peppered it a few hours prior to cooking.  You gotta make sure that cast iron is really really hot.  Kevin threw a few garlic cloves in for that extra flavor.
After the flip, beautiful sear.
So luckily, this stock pot has a steam tray, so we were able to steam some asparagus as the crab legs cooked.  They came out perfectly.
Hmmmm.. I see some crab legs peeking out of a delicious mixture of water and lots of cajun spices.  Pre frozen, but boiled for 8 minutes.
Couldn’t wait to dig into these bad boys.
Letting the steak rest for a bit.


Came out to a beautiful medium rare temperature.

Great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day Eve!


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