Nacho Night

Kevin and I love us a nacho night.  We’ve lightened up on the nachos after we got burnt out on them from eating them every week.  So when we do have nacho night…. that means we were really craving it and know it will be delicious!  I learned this method from my sister Monica and we use it all the time.  We fry our own corn tortillas though… and they come out so great!  Here are The Moore Kitchen’s nachos.

What you’ll need:

Corn Tortillas (1 makes 4 nachos)
Canola oil
A can of refried beans
Your meat of choice (Our favorite is steak, but I’ll be showing you chicken nachos. We like to add bacon too!)
Cheddar or a mexican blend cheese that melts well.
Fixins (Sour cream, cilantro, peppers, salsa, garlic etc.)

I would say start off by heating up your oven to broil, that way it is ready to go right when you are done prepping your dish.

Prep. Grate your cheese, mince your peppers, chop your cilantro and garlic.

Usually this is something we do as a duo, Kevin and I.  So he’s usually in charge of what ever meat we are using and I do the refried beans and fry up the corn tortillas.

Freshly fried corn tortillas and yummy refried beans.

Corn tortillas:

Set up a shallow frying pan with canola oil at about a medium-high heat.  Whats good about the corn tortillas is that you can make them ahead of time if you want to because they don’t necessarily need to be hot, they go right back into the oven anyways.  Your main focus is to give them a nice even crisp.   It is best to flip them back and forth every once in a while, that way they don’t form distorted. You want them flat.  Watch your skin, they can pop.  Grease burns don’t feel good.  Once those are evenly fried to a golden brown, set them onto a paper toweled plate to absorb the excess grease.



Refried beans:

For the refried beans we just use a simple canned refried bean.  Since living in Hawaii, I found a great brand  at the commissary called La Preferida that just contains pinto beans, water, lard and salt.  No other ingredients… and yes I said lard.  The impact of flavor is a huge when lard is involved.  So if you are pretty healthy, this dish is not for you.  I like to add a little bit of oil and throw in the beans until hot. They are already cooked so I just add garlic, Goya Adobo, seasoned salt and pepper.

Prepare your meat:

We like to add bacon to our nachos for a little extra POW.  So we prepare that as well, sometimes I add the bacon fat to the beans for an intense flavor profile.  (Once again, this is not a healthy meal.)  When we cook our steak we like to do it at a rare temperature.  For the chicken, obviously you can’t cook that rare.. lol.  Sometimes Kevin will sear the chicken breast and slice it.  Sometimes I boil the chicken and shred it.  Sometimes we even add kalua pork!  This part is totally up to you.

The set-up:

Take the corn tortillas you fried up and spread beans evenly all around.  Add your meat, bacon, and garlic.  Throw on your grated cheese.  We already had pre grated cheese on hand, but I like freshly grated cheese more so.  I personally like to add my peppers on before I put them in the oven.  So don’t put anything on your nacho that you don’t want cooked.  The cilantro is one thing I put on after it is taken out of the broiler, because I love the taste of fresh and crisp cilantro leaves.


Kevin’s are up top, mine are on bottom.  I have to have my serranos.

Throw into your broiler for about 3-5 minutes.  Depending on how hot your broiler is, it is really important that you watch your nachos.  This part does not take long at all, your main objective is to melt your cheese into a bubbly goodness.  Pull them out and cut them.  I like to set my nachos up on a big cutting board and use my giant pizza cutter to slice them evenly without tampering with the toppings.

Throw on your cilantro, salsa, pico, etc. and voila!  Eat up!  Don’t forget the sour cream!



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