A Small Adventure at Kahe Point

I think it is very important to stop and take in the beauty of mother nature every once in a while.  The problem with my husband and I is that we work, come home, watch tv, go to sleep, and repeat. Sometimes that is all we do… for weeks.  We get so caught up in what we have to do to make a living and forget that HELLO! We live in Hawaii!  We get lazy and then time is wasted.  The other morning Kevin and I decided we would just drive.  Drive until we found a place.  We didn’t even use our GPS for the most part.  We ended up at the Kahe Point Beach Park, also known as Electric Beach on the West side of Oahu.  It’s called Electric Beach because of the nearby power plant.  This electric plant outflows clean warm water and attracts a lot of marine life.  A lot of scuba diving goes on here.  It was a beautiful experience.  I couldn’t get a great picture, because the water was moving a whole lot, but we actually ended up seeing a sea turtle and about 10 dolphins!  I did get some beautiful photos of the breath taking scenery.  Here are some of the snap shots I got and a video of the beautiful dolphins!

Just driving
Thought I’d capture this mountain
Just trying to find a place to eat
Kahe Point



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