Review: #tbt A Meal I Will Never Forget At Vintage Cave Honolulu

march  2016

For a special “Throwback Thursday” edition of Foodie Adventures, I’d love to take you back to October 30th, 2015 for my amazing birthday dinner at the beautiful Vintage Cave Honolulu.  Vintage Cave in my opinion, is one of Hawaii’s most precious hidden gems.  I had the pleasure of experiencing the astounding depths of the cave and I’d love to share it with you.

For those of you who live in Hawaii and haven’t found this tucked away masterpiece, let me enlighten you.  Vintage Cave is a private society that is concealed inside the Shirokiya department store of the Ala Moana Center.  This place is far beyond “fine-dining” as you would say.  Filled with custom Swarovski chandeliers and original Picassos, this captivating experience is undoubtedly one to never forget.

The 15,000 square foot facility is built with 150,000 antique bricks straight from one of the oldest brick houses in Pennsylvania.  It was $20-million to set this place off and and the experience shows that unquestionably.

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The mystery is behind those brick walls
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The entrance from the parking garage

Pulling up to the Cave on the basement floor of the Ala Moana Center parking lot, you will find the valet.  From a cold boring parking lot, you would never imagine that behind the door will expose this beautiful masterpiece.  We were greeted immediately and escorted in by the hostesses.  I walked in and looked around suspiciously because I could not believe what I was seeing was real.  They sat us in what was called the “Ruby Room”, an intimate room that just the two of us could enjoy with a gorgeous ruby chandelier delicately hanging above us.  We had a chance to meet our wonderful hostess Nobi.  I will never forget Nobi, she created a bond with Kevin and I that I could never compare to anything else.  She made this the best 4 hour experience I’ve ever had.  You could not put a price on her amazing service.  She made us feel like we knew her for years.  So if you ever read this Nobi, I thank you for having us and being so wonderful to us.  You are unforgettable.  We probably hugged her at least 4 times before we left.

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I can’t even describe how amazing the food was.  This was nothing like I’ve ever had before.   We were served a chef’s choice French-Japonaise Kaiseki menu that consisted of 11 unique courses.  What’s cool about Vintage cave is that they record what kind of menu you had, that way your next visit will be an all new escapade.

In the middle of our dinner, Nobi came up to us to ask.  “Do you know where you’re sitting?”  Kevin humorously replies, “In a chair?”.  Her sense of humor was so awesome he responded with a cute laugh.  She turns to me and says, “Let me just call you Michelle.”  She then turns to Kevin and says “…and I’ll call you Barack”.  It turns out we sat in the same exact chairs the Obama’s sat in for their last meal of 2014.  At that moment, I knew I had been given way too much for my birthday.  I had never felt so royal and important in my life.  I couldn’t have done this without my wonderful husband.  He really outdid himself,  it was the best gift he’s ever gave me.  If you never have been to Vintage Cave I truly suggest it.  Please enjoy the photos and try your best to imagine yourself in this majestic place.

Vintage Cave Honolulu
French-Japonaise Kaiseki Menu

1st Course – Zensai (Assorted Appetizers)
Kijihata (Red-Spotted Grouper) Scales and Ikura (Salmon Roe) Mille-Fuille


2nd Course
Kijihata (Red-Spotted Grouper) Sashimi Salad


3rd Course
Grilled Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) with White Sturgeon Caviar


4th Course
Vanilla Poached Spiny Lobster Bisque with Parmigiano Crostini


5th Course
Pan Seared Foie Gras with Asian Kyoho Grape Coulis and Sauteed Petite Vegetables
Smoked Duck Breast Served with Asian Pear Compote


6th Course – Sushi
Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper) |Hon-Maguro Akami (Lean-Cut Bluefin Tuna)| Saba Mackerel)


7th Course
Kona Abalone Bouillabaisse and White Truffle


Shiso Sorbet


8th Course
A5+ Sendai Wagyu Ribeye Steak with Mashed Satoimo (Japanese Taro) & Tokyo Negi


9th Course
Japanese Style Risotto Topped with Burgundy Truffles

Burgundy truffles flown in straight from Italy.


10th Course – Dessert
Shizuoka Musk Melon and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


11th Course – Sweet
Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake


Vintage Glenlivet from 1975, aged for 35 years

The Art

This is a display of an 18-piece set of original Picasso’s depicting his transition from realism to cubism.


An original photo of Pablo Picasso and his mistress in 1948.

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The Cave

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We will be back Vintage Cave!


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