Review: PHOnomenal Pho at Pho My Lien


Kevin was feeling a little under the weather.  So we got the jones for some pho.  We took a quick stop in Pearl City at Pho My Lien.  We got our fix and only paid $25 for our whole meal!  I love it because it’s such a quiet place.  I find that a good time to go is during the week, during lunch or shortly after.  It’s never too busy at that time, and the service is better when there’s a smaller crowd because the staff is small.  We were literally the only ones in there.  They even have military discount!

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You know I had to order the spring rolls.
The fixins
Pho with extra meat balls and brisket
Side of rare steak to throw into the hot soup!
Yummy in my tummy!

2 thoughts on “Review: PHOnomenal Pho at Pho My Lien

    • The Moore The Merrier

      What!? Still no pho!? There are places all over San Antonio that will gladly make it for you! Lol. Ask Pita to take you, she’ll tell you what to get.


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