Anastasia Beverly Hills – Winning!


So the other day I went to the Navy Exchange because I had heard that they now sell Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Turns out they take $3.00 off the MSRP price because it is a military store.  So right then and there I knew that I had to go during the scratch off coupon.  I walked into the store, and knew what I needed.  I grabbed my Dipbrow Pomade in dark brown and thought I’d pick up a brow gel too.  The girl that was standing by the counter said, “Go ahead and pay over there to get another free mini brow gel!”. Whaahhh!  So I’m already getting both products for $3.00 off the regular price of each item, plus a free mini brow gel!  When I get to the register I give the cashier my scratch off and only got 5% off.. it’s still something though.  I was just happy to get all of this for way less than I
thought I was going to pay.  Before I bought this color, I had the pomade in auburn.  This was way too light, I literally had to go over several times for my desired look to be complete.  The dark brown is so much easier to used because I don’t need to layer it!  I love this product!  Complete your brow look with the clear brow gel and you’re set for the day!

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