Pan Seared Marlin With Asparagus

Kevin and I took a trip to the commissary for a few things we needed.  We passed by the seafood area just to find this beautiful batch of fresh marlin on sale.  We had to get it.  It was so fresh and high quality that the associate said we could eat it as sashimi.  First thing we did when we got home was cut a few slices and dunked it in some soy sauce and wasabi.  It was so amazing.  Kevin took the rest of the marlin steaks and made a fine dinner with them.  He made pan seared marlin with a lemon herb garlic sauce and a side of asparagus.

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Lemon Herb Sauce: First, Kevin prepped by mincing some fresh Italian parsley and garlic.

2016-04-17 09.59.17 1.jpg

In a small sauce pan, he melted some butter and added some lemon juice, salt and pepper.

2016-04-17 09.59.15 1.jpg

Then, he added the minced garlic and parsley.

2016-04-17 09.59.14 1.jpg

He kept this on low and proceeded with the rest of the dish.

The Marlin and Asparagus:  Look at these beautiful fresh marlin steaks!

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Kevin seasoned the marlin with salt and pepper on both sides.

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On a high heated grill pan with olive oil, Kevin put in the marlin in with some freshly blanched and shocked asparagus.

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He seasoned the asparagus with salt and pepper and flipped them until they carried a nice char around them.  Same with the marlin, we like our fish as far away from the well done side as we can so just a few minutes on high heat is good.

2016-04-17 09.59.09 1.jpg

He then plated it, topped it with the lemon herb sauce and we enjoyed it.

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It came out so delicious.  It was my first time trying marlin, and I was almost convinced that it was my favorite fish.  You can use this method with any fish in all honesty.  I hope to see you guys try with another fish and let me know how it goes!  Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Pan Seared Marlin With Asparagus

    • The Moore The Merrier

      No! It’s really similar to an ahi tuna steak! Maybe a little on the lighter side. Since it was sashimi grade it doesn’t give off that gross fishy taste. You can literally eat it raw as sushi and it will taste fresh.

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