A Mini Road Trip To Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Last Monday Kevin and I decided to take a small road trip to the North Shore to see what the hype was about Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck.  The drive was a good hour away, but we passed by a variety of beautiful scenes and it almost didn’t seem like it took that long.  I had been hearing about this place since I got here.  Finally, after an episode of Man vs. Food we made a plan to head out.  Kevin ordered the shrimp scampi and I ordered the lemon butter (which was a mistake but I’ll get into it later.)  I partly feel like the drive there was worth more than the food alone.  I don’t see what the hype was about.



Don’t get me wrong at all, the shrimp was okay.  Kevin’s plate was actually good, but the shrimp in all was a little over cooked.  Coming to this place made me believe that I could actually start my own food truck and make lots of money from it.  (Not to toot my own horn.)  I got the lemon/butter because I didn’t want to get the same thing Kevin got.  It was a mistake because all they do is boil it and literally just put lemon juice and butter on it. No other flavors were incorporated into this dish.

o (1)

Kevin’s was good because there was a mixture of spices and garlic added.  He ordered the shrimp scampi.


I just don’t think it’s worth it for a $14 dollar plate.  The best part of the entire meal was the funnel cake we got for dessert at another food vendor near by. It was the bomb.com.


Here are some more beautiful photos from the trip we took.  I hope everyone is having a happy Monday!

It was a bit rainy on our way there.


China Man’s Hat


I thought I was in Texas again for a second.  Cows!


Handsome hubs super-focused on the road.



It was so nice to get out and forget about all our troubles!


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