Pan Seared Salmon and Bok Choy

Salmon is my all time favorite fish.  It’s very mild and just melts in your mouth.  You have to cook it the right way though.  One thing I can’t stand is over-cooked fish.  If you can find a cut of salmon with higher fat content, the more flavor it will have.  Salmon is considered a white fish, but since the diet of it mostly consists of krill, it turns slightly orange.  It is super delicious and super easy to make.

The Salmon

I took a big salmon filet that I bought from the store and cut it into smaller dinner portion sizes.  Make sure your salmon filet is de-boned.  You might have to run your finger across it to detect the bones.  Pluck them out with some tweezers.


I seasoned the filets with  salt, pepper, paprika and brown sugar.  I don’t season the skin side, I really don’t find it necessary.


I splashed the salmon filets with some low sodium soy sauce for a bit of an Asian flair, then gently rubbed it in with my fingers.


With a grill pan on super high heat, I splashed in some olive oil and set the salmon filets in, skin side down.


The best way I can tell you to know if its cooked or not is to look at the side of the filet.  Once it looks about half way cooked through, I flip it over.


That’s pretty much it!  Leave it cooking on the other side until it creates a nice sear.  It will only take a few minutes.

The Bok Choy

Chop up some fresh bok choy.


In a small pan, heat up some butter.


Add some garlic, you can mince it if you want.  Sometimes I just like to smash it and throw it in whole.  The flavor will still be there.  It can get exciting if you get a whole one in your serving.


Throw in your chopped bok choy.  Saute until soft.  Add salt and pepper to taste.


The Pasta

I wanted to incorporate a small pasta dish along with our meal.  I love salmon and pasta together, they go hand in hand.  Start off some boiling water with a generous amount of salt.  Boil and cook until al dente.  I used linguine.


Once done, strain and put back into the pot.  Add  about a tablespoon of butter, some heavy cream, garlic powder and freshly grated cheese.  I used aged gouda.  Stir well.  Add more cream if need be.   Add salt and pepper to taste.


 Plate your dish and enjoy.  Garnish with fresh parsley, it will add an earthy component to your pasta.  Such a super quick and easy meal!



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