What You Got In That Bag? May Glam Bag

I’m impressed with this months Ipsy bag!  This month’s theme is “Destination Chic”.  It comes with a cute envelope-looking bag, with pictures of the world’s best destinations all over it.  I’m kind of bummed that I didn’t get the purple one, but  I am still loving the pink though!  I received so many amazing goodies that I just can’t wait to try.  Check out what I got!


I can’t wait to try this eye shadow trio from Pacifica!  It is a natural eye shadow trio.  I’ve read amazing things on Pacifica so I am so excited.  I’m always down for a good natural color.  Who can go wrong!?  Unfortunately, looking at the Pacifica website, they do not have this trio.  They do have many similar ones that carry the same kind of colors and are just as beautiful!

Pacifica Beauty- Super Power Eye Shadow Trios – $12.00 on pacificabeauty.com

Living in Hawaii, a great lip treatment is needed.  My lips can get so dry!  It’s very important to keep them moisturized.  This Hanalei lip treatment is actually made in Hawaii.  It contains pure kukui nut oil.  Which has vitamins A, C and E!  I always find kukui nuts in my front yard!  I’m definitely gonna start using this today!

Hanalei Company- Lip Treatment – $25.00 on hanaleicompany.com

If there is one thing I cannot get enough of, it’s facial masks.  I love to try new ones and always interested in finding new ways to get amazing skin!  I’ve never heard of this brand, but I will be trying this tonight after my shower.  Mud masks are great for eliminating impurities and clearing blocked pores.

Formula 10.0.6 – Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask – $6.99 on products.formula1006.com

I’ve gotten this same kind of nail polish in my Ipsy bag once before and loved it!  I love this color and since I know how good of a nail polish it is, I can tell you now that it is a great one.  It stays on for a fair amount of time, especially since I do a whole bunch of dishes and other various things with my hands. lol.

20160517_202901.jpgAurora Cosmetics – Gel Effect Nail Lacquer- $8.99 on auroracosmeticsny.com

I’m already a huge fan of the Smashbox line.  I am dying to try this mascara called X-Rated.  It’s supposed to be very build-able.  Perfect way to add volume to dull lashes.. like mine.  I’ve had great experiences with other Smashbox mascaras, so I have a great feeling about this one.

Smashbox Cosmetics – X-Rated Mascara – $22.00 on sephora.com

The estimated total of all the products I got in my bag was about $35.10.  It’s an amazing deal, especially since I pay $10.00 a month!  If you love cosmetics, then you will love Ipsy!  Sign up today!



4 thoughts on “What You Got In That Bag? May Glam Bag

  1. Keirryn

    Oo The Pores be Pure mud mask is a bit intense, and definitely one of my favs – fairly cheap too, and lasts oh so long. Definitely do a review on it, hardly any reviews out there on the face mask.

    Liked by 1 person

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