Quick & Easy Creamy Pasta With Shrimp And Italian Sausage

This dish is a speedy and easy alfredo-like pasta.  Quite different than my original alfredo recipe. Which you can check out here. Less butter, less cream, and less cheese.  Just as delicious.  Every time I choose to make a pasta dish, I use what I have when it comes to choosing what I want in it.  This time I added shrimp and hot ground Italian sausage.  (The spicier the better)  There’s nothing complicated about it at all.  You don’t have to be fancy at all to make this dish.

To prep, peel and devein about 10-12 shrimp.  We marinated ours in garlic and cajun spices ahead of time.

Start off a pot of boiling salted water for your pasta.  Cook it until al dente.

In a small pan, at about medium-high heat throw in a pat of butter.  Then throw in the seasoned shrimp.


Flip after they are seared a bit on one side,  take them off as SOON as they are no longer translucent.  You don’t want them too over-cooked.  I can’t stand over-cooked shrimp.


In another, (or the same pan as the shrimp) start up some ground italian sausage. Sear it completely on one side.  I used hot Italian sausage.


Flip for a nice sear.


With a wooden spoon or spatula, go ahead and break the Italian sausage up into pieces.  Making it into the desired bite sizes you’d like.  Saute until fully cooked.


Put your meats aside…  because it’s time to whip up the pasta!


Now, in the same pot you cooked your pasta in.  Throw the pasta back after it is strained.  Add in a clove of minced garlic, about 2 tablespoons of butter and about a cup of heavy cream.


Add in your cheese.  Try your best to use an aged, and a very low moisture cheese.  I used 1000 day aged gouda.  One of me and Kevin’s faves.


Add your spices.  I added some paprika and a little bit of red pepper flakes.  Don’t forget your salt and pepper to taste!  Tasting your food is important!


Here’s the fun part!  Drain all the grease that was accumulated by cooking your shrimp and sausage.  Then throw it in!


I love me some fresh herbs.  I added some fresh chopped parsley and oregano.


Stir it all up!


Plate and garnish, top with more cheese.  Serve with your veggie of choice.  I just simply whipped up some canned green beans with a little salt, pepper, butter and a dash of chicken bouillon for flavor.




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