Butter Poached Shrimp

Butter poached shrimp is an extremely easy recipe.  If you don’t know what poaching is, it is a cooking method where you cook by simmering in liquid.  Obviously, butter poaching involves adding butter.  You can also butter poach fish and lobster, leaving it with amazing flavor.  A lot of the times it can be served with a polenta or grits.  Today we were just a bit lazy and popped open a can of artichoke hearts.  Then, served everything with one of those Knorr Pasta Sides.  (Yes I said it.)  They’re the best when you’re low on cash, or don’t really feel like going all out for dinner.  

Starting with the shrimp.  Completely peel and devein your desired amount.


Start off a pot of VERY little water.  You want it at a light simmer.  Maybe a half inch up if you’re using a small sauce pan.  Throw in about 4-5 tablespoons of butter.


Place your shrimp in the pot!


You want to cook your shrimp low and slow in the butter mixture.  Until it is no longer translucent.  When it is JUST done, remove the pot from heat and let sit.


For the artichokes, we just used the canned artichoke hearts.  They come whole, so Kevin cut them directly in half.  He then seared them on the grill pan.  They are already cooked, so as long as they have that beautiful grill mark you should be good.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.


We used the Knorr Pasta Sides Parmesan flavor for our pasta.  Quick and easy 7 minute process.

Plate, serve and enjoy!



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