Our Lunch Date At The Counter

Today is our 3 year anniversary!  We are doing a big dinner date next week, but we are just spending quality time with each other today.  Thought we’d have a little lunch and enjoy each other’s company. (Stay tuned for the anniversary dinner we will be whipping up tonight!  It’s going to be epic!)

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Every time we stop by Whole Foods in Kahala, I see this burger joint.  Apparently, it’s a nationwide place that I never heard of.  The Counter puts the concept of burgers on a whole new level.  Although they have their own constructed burger menu, your best bet is to put your own creativity into it and build your own.  With loads of toppings to choose from, the varieties are endless.  It caters to any diet and any palate.  The burger is in your hands… literally.

Cool, modernized indoor area and bar.

We started off with a refreshing cocktail.  I ordered the Kahala Club Tea, which contained a sweet tea vodka, iced tea, lemonade, pineapple juice, fresh mint and sprite.  Kevin ordered the strawberry pineapple margarita.


We started off with the parmesan fries.  It contained rosemary, parsley and a garlic aioli.  We gobbled these up in minutes!


The create your own burger option is amazing.  There are loads of choices.  It took us a minute to figure out what we wanted.  It worked out well in the end.


Kevin got his natural beef burger on a brioche bun, with the herbed goat cheese, kale, scallions and applewood smoked bacon.  He got a sauce flight on the side of basil pesto, garlic aioli and honey dijon.  Cooked to a medium-rare temperature.


My burger contained an all natural beef patty on a brioche bun, topped with smoked gouda, herb goat cheese, organic mixed greens, red onions, fresh jalapenos, applewood smoked bacon with a chipotle aioli.  Cooked to a beautiful medium-rare temperature.


Everything tasted outstanding!  We finished our dinner up with some spiked milkshakes!  I ordered the Keoke Coffee Shake with Kahlua.  Kevin ordered the Caramel Java Malt with Bailey’s Irish Creme.  So delicious!


If you live near The Counter and never tried it, it is a must try!  Delicious burgers and shakes!  We will definitely be back!


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