Beer Battered Fish n’ Chips

It was a very chillaxed day yesterday for the holiday.  A lot of napping and couch sitting went on. For our Memorial Day lunch, Kevin got the idea to whip up some fish and chips.  His style of course.  We had some cod filets in the freezer, so they were pulled out for a very delightful lunch.  They came out so delicious and Kevin put his own little spin on them!

We started off with some small cod filets.  they were seasoned with salt and pepper.


The batter was made up of salt, pepper, cayenne, old bay, flour and about 8 oz. of Newcastle Brown Ale.


The fish was generously dipped into the batter, then placed in hot canola oil on the cast iron skillet.


Keep your eye on the filets until they are golden brown.




Once they are golden brown and crispy, lay out on a paper towel to absorb all the excess grease.


The Chips

Kevin thinly sliced some red potatoes to perfection.


Then, threw them in a pan of hot grease until crisp.


Once they were golden brown, he sat them on a paper toweled plate to absorb the grease.


He then prepped some minced garlic and rosemary.  Drizzled the chips with butter and salted them.  Then cracked some pepper on top.  They were covered with finely grated goat cheese.


Everything was cooked perfectly. I can’t thank my husband enough for making my tummy as happy as he always does!



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