Side Chick: Duck Fat Home Fries With Goats Cheese & Herbs

Last night we enjoyed some grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner.  I was sick of the same ol’ deep fried frozen french fries.  So it was my idea to make some yummy home fries with delicious fresh herbs.  They paired so well with our sandwiches.  It was a very delightful and easy dinner.  Kevin and I enjoyed every bite.  If you follow my blog, you should know that I keep a nice jar full of rendered duck fat in the fridge.  Duck fat contains so much flavor and is very useful for cooking potatoes in!  It sure came in handy.

To start off, I chopped about 3 red potatoes in cube-like pieces.


On the cast iron skillet, I started off with about 2 tablespoons of canola oil, and 2 tablespoons of my rendered duck fat.  On about a medium-high heat.


I sauteed them until they were browned a bit.  Then, added some fresh thyme, sage leaves, 3 whole garlic cloves and chopped rosemary.


Next, I threw in a pat of butter.


I sauteed them a little bit more to mix all the flavors together.  Next, the home fries were placed onto some paper towels, thrown in a bowl, tossed with kosher salt and cracked pepper, and topped with freshly grated goats cheese.  Make sure salt and pepper is placed right after they are out of the grease so it can stick!


They came out delicious!


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