One Pot No Butter Chicken Pasta

Kevin was too tired to make it for dinner before he had to go to work.  He napped for the night.  I was feeling a little under the weather and was craving pasta.  I try to be as healthy as I can be during the week, that way I can indulge in whatever I want on the weekends.  I thought I’d wing something quick.  Here is my one pot, no butter chicken pasta.

I started off with two chicken breasts, with the fat trimmed.


I then cut them up into small bite sized cubes.


In a hot oiled stock pot, I added the chicken.  I seasoned it with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, poultry seasoning and cayenne.


Saute until browned.


Add two teaspoons of chicken bouillon and about 2 cups of 2% milk.  Bring to a boil.


Add the pasta of your choice, uncooked.  I used mostaccioli , a pasta similar to penne.


Simmer and add your fresh herbs.  I used some fresh rosemary.


I added some gouda and parmesan.



Served it up in a bowl and voila!



It came out pretty good for there not to be a touch of butter in it.  Usually in a pasta I put tons of butter. I makes it way more delicious.  (Because it’s butter.)  Sometimes I just have to put it aside.  I used to have really high cholesterol, so I have to watch myself.  Let me know if you tried this method out!  I always love to know how it came out!


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