Speck Wrapped Asparagus

What is speck?  Speck is an Italian cured pork from the region that surrounds Northern Italy and Southern Austria, also known as Alto Adige.  It is cured in salt and spices, and then slow smoked in pine or juniper wood for many months.  It is very similar to proscuitto, except proscuitto is not smoked.  Kevin and I got our first exposure to speck watching an episode of Chopped.  One basket ingredient that I will never forget.  It looked spectacular.  A few days later we went on our monthly shopping trip to Whole Foods and thought we’d stop by the delicatessen.  Behold, the almighty speck was there before us.  We weren’t even expecting or looking for it.  It was just there saying, “Here I am!  Buy and eat me please!”. We had to have it.  We had no plans of what to do with it.  We could have ate the whole thing uncooked, really.  (Which was the best way to eat it.)  Kevin decided to wrap them around some asparagus and pair it with the grass fed ribeyes we also cooked that day.  It was mmm mmm good!

The fresh asparagus was olive oiled and seasoned with salt and pepper.


In a hot grill pan, the asparagus was placed for a sear.


Butter was added.  You know, because butter is the best.


This is the delicious speck.  It’s so delicate, yet so flavorful and smokey at the same time.  Geeze.  I wish I had a piece now.


Wrap them up like some kind of asparagus-speck mummy.  This may be more royal than King Tut himself.


Sear them for about a minute on each side.


Serve, and enjoy!




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