A Beautiful Date Night at Morimoto Waikiki

After watching a fair share of Netflix, bindging  on episodes of Iron Chef America, Kevin and I decided to try Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s restaurant in Waikiki.  It is located on the first floor at the beautiful Modern Honolulu hotel.  We reserved an early 5:30 dinner spot and completely enjoyed every bit.  Luckily, this restaurant allows us to split a tasting menu.  So, we did that and also enjoyed an extra appetizer and entree.  

Hence the name, The Modern Honolulu…  The restaurant is filled with modern chic decor.  It is nice, bright and clean.  I really liked the chairs.  The bathrooms were so cool as well.


We started off with some delicious, fresh cocktails.  I had the pear yuzu gimlet, and Kevin enjoyed the Maui mai tai.


For an appetizer, we enjoyed the delicious wagyu carpaccio with hot oil, ginger and yuzu soy.  It was topped with beautiful greens and it seemed like every bite tasted better than the one before.


We shared one 7 course tasting menu.  It was outstanding.  It consisted of fresh fish galore, and tons of other delectable dishes.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the actual menu that we received.  So, I’m going to describe them to the best of my knowledge.  A lot of alcohol was consumed that evening, so hopefully I can do this, lol.

For the first course, we received a hamachi and toro tartare that came with oyster sauce, creme fraiche, wasabi, maui onion, avocado and a crispy cracker.  On the side was some soy sauce and a fruit to cleanse the palate.


For our second course, we had the whitefish carpaccio with hot oil, ginger and a yuzu soy.  Same exact thing the wagyu was in.  I liked this one better in all honesty.  Kevin preferred the wagyu.  Both tasted amazing.


This next dish was one of my favorites.  This is the bagna cauda.  This fondue style dish consists of olive oil with a garlic and anchovy puree, piping hot from inside of the bowl.  It is served with a piece of tempura battered shrimp, local seasonal vegetables and a Chinese five spice blend..  So yummy!


For our fourth course, we received the oyster foie gras.  Delicious foie gras with market oysters, uni, wasabi and a teriyaki sauce.  This was so flavorful, I could totally go for this right now!


This is our palate cleanser.  Kombucha with green tea.  I loved it.  It tasted like a fresh seafood broth.  One of our servers was so honest with us and told us he can’t stand the taste of this.  Too funny.  I loved his honesty.


This is the sashimi portion of the tasting menu.  I really can’t tell you what each one is.  I know the first one is tuna.  That is about it. Haha.  All of them were so delicious and fresh though.


And for the entree, this is a “surf and turf” sampler, with a prime filet of steak, a delicious ten hour braised pork belly, shrimp and a lime creme fraiche.  The pork belly was so tender and perfect, but that wasn’t our only serving of meat for the night.  We definitely got our intake of protein for the day.


Our additional entree was  a juicy Australian wagyu ribeye with a Maui onion jus.  It was an unnecessary and extra dish, but I’m not going to lie.  It was so great.


For the dessert, we substituted the one the tasting menu came with (some coconut stuff, that Kevin and I weren’t really feeling) for a new one.  This fiery chocolate epicness.   They literally lit the thing on fire to destruct the chocolate globe and reveal the sorbet inside.  So cool!


This place was amazing.  The service was superb and not too stiff.  Everyone was cool and the food was PERFECT.  I really want to make time to come here again if we can afford it because there are so many other things I want to try.  We shall see though!  I hope everyone has had a beautiful week so far! If you are ever in the Waikiki area, this is a must try!  Thank you for reading!


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