A Breakfast Sandwich From Heaven

We had some hot capocollo left in the fridge and I thought I’d use that and some turkey bacon for a nice and wholesome breakfast sandwich.  It was the perfect size and seemed pretty balanced if you ask me.  I ate this with some strawberries… because strawberries are awesome.  This is a super easy recipe that I pretty much just winged.  I hope you enjoy!

First off, start a pot of water.  Enough to cover an egg.  Once boiled, put the egg in and leave it for about 6 minutes for soft boiled, 7 for medium boiled, so on and so forth.  While you are doing this start the beginning of the sandwich.

I began by toasting two slices of bread in a small amount of butter.  You can do this in a toaster or a skillet.  The choice is yours.


Cook some turkey bacon, or regular bacon in a skillet until it is at your desired doneness.  I like my regular and turkey bacon pretty crispy.


Take some cream cheese, and spread a thin layer on to each slice of bread.


I added some garlic powder and pepper.  Feel free to use what ever seasoning and spices you like.


I added some arugula, it’s okay to add spinach or any other green you prefer.  I do think greens are very important.


When the egg is at your desired softness, take it out and let it sit in an ice bath to cool.


Take it out of the ice bath, and out of its shell.


When I sliced mine, all the yolk seeped out.  So, I scooped it onto my sandwich. lol.  I love the yolk, can’t waste it.


Stack on the turkey bacon.

Add the hot capocollo.


Throw on your last piece of bread and there you have it!



Breakfast is one of my favorite meals.  So creating a new dish from the depths of my mind makes me really proud.  Especially first thing in the morning!


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