Review: Kylie Lip Kit

I was finally able to purchase Kylie’s infamous Lip Kit last month in the color I wanted.  I had heard good and bad things about the product, so I thought I’d just go ahead and try it out myself.  I purchased the kit for $29.00 on  Dolce K was my color of choice and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  The kit consists of a lip liner and a liquid lipstick.  The product comes in this black and sleek delivery box with a printed “thank you” note from Kylie Jenner herself.  (Don’t feel special, everybody gets the same thing.)


The application itself made a good first impression.  The lip liner is nice and creamy, making application easy.  The liquid lipstick applies very well and is super creamy also.  You literally only need one layer.  A few months ago I purchased a Sephora brand matte liquid lipstick and hated it.  It was so thin and transfer was HORRIBLE.  You couldn’t drink or eat anything without having to reapply it.  This one is amazing and will stay on all day.  It also dries very fast.  I do suggest moisturizing your lips before.  Also, moisturize them throughout the day so that it stays on.  It seems like the lipstick responds well to moisturization.  You can probably go a good 5-8 hours with it on and not bothering to reapply.  A new coat always helps anyways.

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Over all I love the product and do suggest it.  I love this color on me as well!  Thank you for reading!


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