A Trip To Wahiawa For El Palenque

A few weeks before we said goodbye to the Aloha state,  Kevin and I were jonesing for some good Mexican food.  I had heard quite a few great things about El Palenque.  It also had quite a few good reviews on Yelp.  Being the Texas girl I am, I had to roll on over to Wahiawa to check it out for myself.


We pulled up to a small building in which we almost missed, with a huge rooster on it.  I gotta tell you that parking here is a pain in the a**.  We drove around and round looking and finally managed to catch a spot someone was leaving from.  The parking lot was so tight next door, that Kevin had to pull a 50 billion point turn as I carefully guided him through.


We walk in, and it’s a tiny little thing.  This place is covered with Mexican decor and posters.  The loteria cards on the tables were a nice touch.  The nice woman greeted us and took our drink order.  I had a water and Kevin ordered a classic mandarin flavored Jarritos.  We started off with some chips and salsa.  The salsa being DELICIOUSLY spicy by the way.  It was addicting for me to eat.


For lunch, Kevin ordered the Platos Mexicanos plate for $13.95.  It consisted of 1 tamale, 1 sope, and a gordita of chicken or beef.  It came with a salad, rice and beans.  I just ordered a cheese enchilada plate with red sauce.  It also came with a salad, rice and beans for $10.95.  Kevin ate the majority of his meal, didn’t realize what he ordered had as much food as it did.  He wasn’t able to eat it all.  The enchilada plate was okay.  Not my favorite, but for Hawaii it was pretty good.  Not a fan of how much cumin they put in the red sauce.


I honestly wish I would have waited a few more weeks to indulge in some real deal Tex Mex.  It’s okay.  I learned my lesson.  Hawaii is great for hawaiian and asian cuisine I must say though.  When I come back, I’ll remember to stick to that…. and Big Kahuna’s Pizza.


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