Big Kahuna’s For The Last Time

Big Kahuna’s was Kevin and I’s favorite pizza joint in Honolulu.  We couldn’t help but to have it just one last time.  Our house was officially all packed up and empty and all we had was a few air mattresses and a laptop to watch Grey’s Anatomy on.  It was a great time to take in and appreciate all the simple things in life.  The dogs had more than enough room to play and run in the living room in which we once cuddled on the gigantic ottoman.

Now, I’m sure I’ve talked about these plenty times before, but the garlic cheese balls are the best.  We’ve tried to duplicate them and just can’t get it right.  If someone gets it down, be sure to let me know.  I’m going to need that recipe!  This time around we noticed that they had a special with kalua pork on top.  We tried it and agreed that the original garlic cheese balls were the best.  😦 BOO.


Every time we eat there, we each get a personal pizza.  With loads of garlic cheese balls,  I usually can only eat two slices and I save the rest for later.  Which actually makes for some of the best leftovers in the world.  I usually order the shrimp scampi pizza, which consisted of a white butter garlic sauce, fresh basil, shrimp, tomatoes, olives and mozzarella.  This time around I decided to get regular sauce on my pizza, with pepperoni, jalapenos and ricotta cheese.  It was too darn delicious.  Kevin ordered his with pepperoni, bacon, kalua pork and ricotta.


If you’re ever on Oahu or in the Honolulu area.  Please don’t pass this place up!  All you Boston Pizza heads need to try this place too.  (Those people are just so set in their ways.)  Big Kahuna’s is the only place of it’s kind and I’m truly going to miss it.  I already do!


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