Our New Addition and So Many Other Changes!

14 week ultrasound. Our little alien baby.

Although my friends and family have already known about this for a few months.  I thought I’d let the blogosphere know Kevin and I are expecting!  I am 17 weeks so finally the first trimester is over and done with.  I am super excited about the change in our lives that is about to happen and more than happy to be able to share it with you guys!  As you all know we moved back to Texas about 2 months ago.  This is the reason why blog posts have been MIA.  I do plan to work more at it and get back to my normal routine.  I have so much backed up content to share with you guys!  We also  bought a new house and are finally getting settled in.  So much change in so little time, but all for the better.  I’m excited to share these moments with you guys.  

  So far pregnancy has been pretty good.  Besides the short breath and me being tired all the time, I feel like I’ve been pretty lucky.  In the first trimester I did get nauseous, but never ever threw up.  I am still always tired.  When I eat, the breathing issue gets worse.  Back pain is outrageous.  Overall it’s an amazing experience, although it may not sound like it.   I love the fact that I’m a temporary home for my future child.  I feel like I complain a lot about how tired I am and how bad my back hurts.  I’m really gonna try and work on that!  I’m really emotional, and sometimes I have uncontrollable laugh attacks so bad that tears spill out of my eyes.  I don’t even know what I’m laughing at!

Here are a few pictures from our move from Hawaii, my pregnancy progress, our new home and more!

In the hotel before we fly out.
On our way home!

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Apollo,  Bella and their cousin Melbourne.

Me at the San Antonio Zoo.  Giraffes are my favorite.

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Construction of the new home.

Closing day!  I’m 15 weeks here.

They run the new home.

Preparing for the Facebook announcement.
The announcement:  “I guess they think these are for them”.
12 week bump.
16 week bump.

There’s a lot more to come!  So happy to share all of this with you guys!


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