A Nice Family Dinner: The Grill at Leon Springs


My sister had a bad day.  It was a Thursday night and I almost thought it was an apocalypse because she actually wanted to go out to eat.  Pita NEVER wants to go out to eat.  We gathered the familia and headed to The Texas Hill Country for some live music and an amazing culinary experience.  The Grill at Leon Springs is a scratch kitchen that creates a European cuisine with a Texan twist.  The inside of the restaurant consists of an intimate dining setting.  While on the outside, is a more lively setting filled with live music, lights and music-themed decor.

The rest of my non-pregnant family (minus my niece) started off with a refreshing alcoholic beverage.  Live music featuring Nick Dante was started and the party was on.  Appetizers were ordered and my hungry butt couldn’t have been more delighted.  Kevin and I ordered the baked brie, which was brie cheese wrapped inside a light and flaky dough,  accompanied with a fresh mixed salad.


Kurt ordered the Vietnamese styled crab claws.  It consisted of crab claws (duh), in a yummy sweet and spicy sauce that you couldn’t stop indulging in.  It was topped with julienned carrots and fresh cilantro with a beautifully cut lemon.  Super delicious.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of everyone’s meal.  I hate to make people pause so I can take a picture.  I did indeed take a picture of mine and Kevin’s.  Kevin ordered the New Zealand rack of lamb with gratin potatoes in a shallot sauce.  Beautiful plating with an even more beautiful taste.


As for me, I went the fresh pasta route.  (Who can go wrong with freshly made pasta?)  I ordered the agnelotti, which is a moon shaped ravioli.  It was filled with veal, pork, spinach and mushrooms in a Parmesan cream sauce with just a touch of nutmeg.  It was so creamy and decadent.  It overflowed with a culinary touch that you can tell the chef worked really hard for.


The rest of the night I watched my sisters get drunk and hit the dance floor.  It was hilarious.  When our tummies settled, it was dessert time.  I had to get my all time favorite dessert which was a crème brulee.  Their’s came with caramelized apples.  Sadly, I wasn’t a big fan of it.  Not the best crème brulee I’ve had.  I still brutally murdered it though.


Overall, the night was pleasant and fun.  I always love to hang out with my family, especially when it’s out of the house.  Food was delicious, music was great and the atmosphere was delightful.  If you’re in the San Antonio area, make your way to The Grill at Leon Springs!


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