Rollin’ In The “Dough”

Well, I really wish I could roll my whole body in this dough.  If you’ve never been to Dough Pizzeria Napoletana, don’t you dare wait another night!  This pizza is all the way Southern Italian Pizza.  You will find nothing but Neapolitan pizza here.  You are in for a treat coming to this place with all their fresh ingredients and goodies straight from the hot brick oven.  If you’ve watched Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives religiously like my family does, then you’ve probably seen Guy hit up this joint.


Lori and Doug Horn opened this spot in 2007 with Naples in mind as the theme.  Even the oven is straight from Italy!  You walk in and there it is, two beautiful brick ovens being put to work and the scent of Naples hitting the depths of your nostrils.  The decor is somewhat modern, with Italian canvas art of cured meats and farmland.  Odd combination.


Kevin and I already went here twice since we’ve been back in Texas and just can’t get enough.  When we go, we start off with their signature “truffle burrata”.  If you don’t know what burrata is, let me say it is just… mozzarella on crack.  It is mozzarella, but it is formed into a pouch and filled with curds and cream.  You will not be able to stop eating it.  Dough makes all their mozzarella and burrata from scratch!  You can taste the work they put into it.  It is so creamy and addicting.  I wouldn’t mind going there just for the burrata alone.  Dough’s “truffle burrata” is their house pulled mozzarella filled with mascarpone cheese, truffle flakes and a truffle essence.  They serve it with fresh heirloom tomatoes, a rosemary balsamic reduction, salt and extra virgin olive oil.  It comes with bread.  Oh my goodness.  This is heaven.


My all time favorite pizza at Dough is the arugula and prosciutto di san daniele.  It is a white pizza that consists of their arugula, prosciutto, house made mozzarella, truffle oil,  a squeeze of lemon, and Parmigiano Reggiano.  To make it even better, you have the option to throw a fried egg on top!


   One of my husband’s favorite pizzas at Dough is the Pork Love.  It has a house made spicy sausage, speck, soppressata salami, pancetta, house made mozzarella, and tomato sauce.  This is one of their signature dishes.


   Since we’ve been back we’ve also have tried the prosciutto cotto and house made spicy sausage.  It has fresh tomato sauce, their house made mozzarella, ricotta and Bluebonnet Farms basil.


   We’ve also dug into the braised prosciutto pizza with hot capicola and gorgonzola.  They had me at gorgonzola.  It comes with a garlic panna, semi-dried tomatoes with balsamic reduction drizzle.  This pizza is a tad richer than most but oh so good!


   I plan to make it a monthly thing to go here, and you should too.  If you’re even just visiting San Antonio, you must drop in!   My mouth is watering just thinking about how delicious everything is here.  I love you Dough!


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