Pho 4 Star

Not quite Campbell’s, but this soup was sure MM MM GOOD!  Pho is one of my favorite things to eat.  Ever.  Kevin and I had stopped by a spot that we weren’t aware was closed on Tuesdays.  So, we drove over to Universal City to try Pho 4 Star.  As bummed as we were to see that the other place was closed, the reviews of this restaurant made us feel a bit relieved.


   The inside was really nice.  Super clean.  Cool paintings filled the walls.

Kevin and I started off with some veggie spring rolls.  Not sure if the waitress understood us or not, but she didn’t bring us veggie spring rolls.  They had pork in them, but they were really good.  Couldn’t complain.  Super hot and perfectly crisp.


   Kevin ordered his pho with only meatballs, and I ordered my pho with eye round steak, brisket and meatballs.  The broth was really delicious and flavorful.  The meat was cooked perfectly.  Meatballs weren’t overcooked or chewy.  Everything was great.  When it comes to pho spots, my number one concern is the broth.  If the broth isn’t flavorful then I don’t care.  It’s the base of the entire dish.


   Overall, this place was pretty good.  I wouldn’t mind coming here again.  Especially since it is so close to home.  I still want to try that other spot.  Stay tuned, because it WILL happen.


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