A Last Minute Celebration At Bourbon St. Seafood Kitchen


   We had just closed out on our new house, what better way to celebrate with some delicious food!  Bourbon St. Seafood Kitchen it is!  If you’ve never been here, it is a complete MUST.  There are 3 San Antonio locations.  We ended up trying the one on 1604, since it was on the way.  I’ve always heard great things about this place so why not give it a shot?


   Walking in, you get a nice New Orleans feel.  Paintings and decor remind you of New Orleans and Bourbon St. wherever you go.  The place is clean and so are the bathrooms, which were really nice.  The staff was very sweet.  Our waitress said I looked like Chrissy Teigen which was the best compliment EVER.


   The menu is huge and the prices are phenomenal!  Your choices are endless when it comes to this menu, and it all sounds so darn good. They start us off with some bread and an olive oil and herb concoction.   Kevin and I decided to start off with the crab cakes.  They were pan seared and served over a spicy roasted red pepper sauce.  Oh my goodness, this sauce was to die for.  I wanted a bowl of it to myself.  That’s how fat I am.


   We ordered some caesar salads and for my entree, I went with a classic and got the crawfish etouffee.  It was pretty good, I got to say it wasn’t the best etouffee I’ve ever had, especially after tasting Kevins dish.. Oh my goodness, Kevin had the better dish for sure.


   Kevin ordered the Sea Bass Piccata.  Chilean Sea Bass, perfectly pan seared with crabmeat and capers in a lemon butter white wine sauce.  I was so jealous of his dish, it was cooked to perfection and flavored so great.  It really put my dish to shame.


  We are definitely gonna make a trip back to this spot really soon, and I can’t wait until we do.  They really know good food!  If you are in the San Antonio area, give Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen a shot.  You really have no excuses because there are 3 locations!  I hope everyone is having a happy Thursday!


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