Florio’s Pizza… oh Florio’s.


   If I could use one word to describe Florio’s Pizza, it would be “STUPID”.  Florio’s is so good that it’s stupid.  Stupid delicious.  This place has been serving pizza in the San Antonio area since 1980 by a small family from New Jersey.  If you’re looking for some decadent and original New York style pizza in San Antonio, Florio’s is the place to be.  If you’ve lived here for a while and haven’t been, one word I should use to describe you is “STUPID” as well. Haha.  Don’t wait another minute.  

My husband Kevin had never been here and I had raved about it for years before we were able to come back to Texas and have some.  It’s greasy, it’s cheesy, it’s flavorful and you will never forget it.  I couldn’t wait to come home and indulge in their amazing sausage!  It’s sliced super thin, very different from your everyday pizza joint.

When you walk through the door, you will see people chillaxing at the bar, watching football and grubbing on some pizza, which can be ordered by the slice.  If you walk to the dining area on your left, you will see walls filled with all kinds of New York decor and 9/11 memorabilia honoring everyone we lost during the tragic event.  They are huge supporters of the military and they aren’t afraid to show it.


Watching the debate. Haha.

We ordered a medium 16 inch pizza topped with pepperoni and sausage.  Kept it nice and simple.  As long as that sausage was on there I didn’t care what else was on it.  The pizza is made super fresh, so you will be waiting a tad for it to come out.  This makes for an extra hungry customer once it arrives.  The pizza comes out and it smells so delicious.  You can see the surface of it glistening and steaming up in the light from all the delicious grease.  I saw a woman across the restaurant blotting her grease with a napkin.  We skipped that step.  Not necessary.   I asked for a small side of jalapenos for that extra kick.  If you know me, you know how I love my hot peppers.  I steal me a healthy slice, throw on some of the jalapenos, red pepper flakes and grated Parmesan.  Forgetting how good this place was, I take a bite and an eruption of flavor explodes in my mouth.  Kevin agreed that it was freaking amazing.  We struggled to finish the whole thing but didn’t hesitate on taking the rest home for leftovers.  If being reheated, I do suggest doing it in your oven for a crispier bite.  Since the pizza contains so much oil, putting it in the microwave makes it super soggy.

Get in my mouth!


   I can’t wait to go back.  It’s a hidden gem that you must give a shot!


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