Not Your Average Thanksgiving Feast

Since we celebrated Thanksgiving a week early at my sisters house, we decided to have one more small Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws house.  This wasn’t your traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  This one involved seafood, and when I say seafood I mean LOTS of it.  Kevin’s dad did his thing in the kitchen and he didn’t want any help!  It was wonderful to spend that quality time with family.  The food was so delicious and I ate myself so much of it that I couldn’t even breathe by the end of the night.  Laughs and smiles were shared throughout the evening while we enjoyed some delicious homemade steamed crab pots and loads of other yummy foods.  It was so nice of mom and dad to host.  I love them to death!  Check out some photos of our feast!

Dad cooking up a storm.
Fried shrimp, so delicious.
Oysters rockefeller
Being silly.
Delicious crab cakes cooked to perfection.
Crab and shrimp galore.
Om nom nom.
Buttery lobster tails

I hope everybody’s Thanksgiving weekend was as beautiful and filled with love as mine was!  Have a beautiful Monday!


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