Quick & Easy Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  No matter what I always try to eat something, even if I don’t have too much time.  Bagels with cream cheese, toast and fruit, anything helps.  Making a breakfast scramble is fast and simple and can be customized in any way  you want.  You can throw it in a tortilla, or just pair it with some fruit and toast.  Best of all, you can use whatever ingredients you like to make it your own!

Between Kevin and I, I used a link and a half of mesquite Kiolbassa brand sausage and 3 eggs.  Remember you can use bacon, turkey bacon, and ham.  If you want to go the egg white route go right ahead!  The choice is yours.

I sliced up the sausage like so, and then threw them in a hot skillet with a tad of canola oil.


Flip them to get a nice even sear.


In a small bowl I mixed 3 whole eggs, some milk, kosher salt, pepper and paprika.  Whisk it enough until it creates a nice frothy mixture.  The more it’s mixed the more fluffy your eggs will come out.


Drain the oil out of the pan with the sausage, lower your heat and add the eggs.  I like to lower the heat before adding the eggs to keep them from burning.


Slowly mix, or fold over the eggs as they cook.


Once the eggs are just done, take them off the heat and if you’d like to add cheese go ahead and do that.  To mine I added fresh grated cheddar cheese and parsley.


Kevin doesn’t do spicy, but I like to add serrano peppers to mine after he’s gotten his share out of the pan.


I made mine a complete breakfast with some yummy grapes and buttered toast.  …and that’s it!


Breakfast can be easy and it only takes a few minutes to prepare!  Don’t skip out on breakfast.  Like I said, it’s the most important meal of the day.  You need that fuel to get you through!


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