A Quick Trip To Bird Bakery


    After one of our daily morning walks around the Quarry Market, Kevin and I ran by Bird Bakery for a yummy dose of coffee and cupcakes.  My absolute favorite cupcakes ever.  I hadn’t had some in over three years and I thought is was the perfect morning to grab me some.  The best part about this place is that they use all the finest ingredients and everything is always 100% fresh.  It is a no-no in the Bird Bakery world to sell a cupcake that is even a day old.  Everything is made bright and early in the morning for the day.  

This bakery opened in 2012 by Elizabeth Chambers, which you may have seen on The Food Network.  Along with her husband, Armie Hammer, which you may have seen in the movies “The Social Network” and “The Lone Ranger”.  After years of working for a catering company in the San Antonio area, she thought the city was best for opening her amazing bakery.

Walking in you see loads of country decor with a chic and hip twist.  It fits right in to the Alamo Heights area.  It is so cozy and is the perfect place to set up your laptop and enjoy a coffee and a cupcake…. or two or three. (Just kidding, I can’t eat three in one sitting.)

Dessert for days!
Cute display of lunch items hanging from the ceiling.
“Life is short. Eat dessert first”. Words to live by everyday.

We ordered everything to-go so we can hurry and get back home to our puppies.  Kevin and I both ordered their sea salt caramel latte.  Which was warm and delicious.  Perfect for the chilly day it was.  We also got four cupcakes, one vanilla, two sea salt caramels and a red velvet.  You take one bite into these cupcakes and fall in love.  They’re so buttery, you can just tell they are made with the absolute best ingredients.  The frosting alone is what gets me.  It has the most amazing texture and the perfect sweetness.  The sea salt caramel is to die for and the salty and sweet flavors marry so well together.


If you are in San Antonio and happen to be in the Alamo Heights area, please stop by Bird Bakery and grab you a cupcake!  You will not regret it!


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