A Scrumptious Supper at Southerleigh

After a nice Saturday of cookie decorating with my family, Kevin and I thought we’d head out to The Pearl once again to try out a delicious restaurant and grab some dessert.  We stopped by Southerleigh, it consists of a modern cuisine with a Southern Texan twist.  It took over the bottom floor of what used to be The Pearl brewhouse.  It is famous for their interesting grub and the variety of beers they have on tap. After dinner, we stopped by Bakery Lorraine right before they closed.  All they really had left were macarons, which isn’t bad… but I’ll get into all of that later.

We walked into Southerleigh and were seated right away.  The weather was nice and bugs weren’t being annoying, so we decided to take a seat outside.  Kevin ordered a glass of wine and I stuck with my water.  For our appetizer we ordered the wood roasted beets that were topped with a lemon-thyme goat cheese.  They had us at goat cheese…. and you know I love me some goat cheese.  The beets were served on a hot skillet with parsnips, hot, bubbly and browned goat cheese and topped with a beautiful bundle of microgreens.  This was the star of the whole dinner in my eyes.  It was so divine.


   For dinner, Kevin and I fought over who was going to order the redfish, because we both wanted it.  The thing about us is, we hate to order the same thing at a new restaurant.  Simply because if we order something different, that’s two different dishes we’ve tried.  So, he was a gentleman and let me order the cracker crusted gulf redfish.  It was topped with a butter poached blue crab and a lemon butter sauce.  Kevin went with the wood roasted 44 farms ribeye with wild mushrooms and roasted cipollini in a bourdelaise sauce.  Both dishes were pretty good, but didn’t take the cake like the beet dish did.  We also ordered a side of jalapeno cheddar grits to share.


   Overall, the dinner experience was great.  The atmosphere was beautiful and the food was good.  Luckily, Southerleigh slightly changes their menu all the time so I will be willing to see what else they could possibly have in store for us.  Anything at the Pearl is great when it comes to any culinary adventure.  I can’t wait to try more places.

After dinner we stopped by Bakery Lorraine.  I was hoping to see more desserts available but mostly all that they had left for the night were cinnamon rolls, filled kouign amanns and macarons.  I grabbed 2 macarons because I just couldn’t resist.  I ordered one pistachio and one eggnog flavored macaron.  Both were really delicious.  I’m hoping to come back again during the day time to see what else they offer.

It was a beautiful night and I was glad to spend it with my favorite person, just like I do every other day.


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