Expectations Met at Eggspectation

So, it was a holiday and Kevin and I couldn’t find a nice spot to eat a delicious breakfast.  Magnolia Pancake Haus had a 2 hour wait and The Bread Box was closed.  (Which we still have yet to try)  So Eggspectation it was.  This franchise first started in Montreal, Canada and although it is a franchise, I honestly had never heard of it.  We walk in and it was quite a bit of a wait, but it was oh so worth it.  One of the most fancy and modern breakfast and brunch spots I’ve ever seen.  We spent the 30 minute wait drooling over all the items on the menu and before we knew it, it was time to be sat.



The restaurant has a very industrial modern feel to it.  Very hip.

Himalayan Sea Salt is always a good sign

The waitress took a minute.  It must’ve been a very busy day for them.  We started off with some drinks.  Kevin ordered a “Good Morning Martini”.  It consisted of gin, cointreau, pure cane syrup and fresh lemon juice.  I ordered a delicious vanilla latte.


For an appetizer, we ordered the smoked wild sockeye salmon crostinis.  Smoked wild sockeye salmon, served with capers, red onions and cucumbers, with cream cheese spread on toasted ciabatta slices.  Everything was great about it except the fact that it came out AFTER our actual food.  They forgot to put it in. One turn off for the day.  Thankfully they were really nice about it and took it off of our bill.


They won us over with the food though.  Kevin ordered the lobster omelette.  A generous helping of sautéed lobster, brie cheese and green onions, topped with their house made hollandaise sauce and Lyonnaise-style potatoes.  My oh my they did not skimp on that lobster.  Kevin enjoyed every bit of it.


LOADED with lobster

I ordered the lobster benny.  I love me a delicious eggs benedict and this one was more than just delicious.  Two poached eggs accompanied by sautéed lobster on a toasted English muffin and hollandaise sauce. Served with Lyonnaise-style potatoes.  This was so delicious.  Their house made hollandaise is so yummy and married so well with the flavors of the lobster.   The potatoes are so addicting too!


If you are close by to an Eggspectation, I highly recommend you try it.  The choices on the menu are endless and you will not be disappointed because the food is so delicious.  Definitely a great breakfast date place.


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