My Version of Scalloped Potatoes

After about three hours of studying veterinary terminology, my brain felt raw yesterday.  After all that work, I wanted to enjoy something hearty and very yummy for dinner.  Something that would stick to my bones to bless me with a good nights sleep.  Kevin ran to the store before he came home from work to check out the meat section at H-E-B.  Lamb chops were the winner.  They were cut up and packed fresh by the butcher.  For dinner, we enjoyed rosemary lamb chops, dill and garlic asparagus, and scalloped potatoes. I’ve been making my scalloped potatoes for years and I can’t believe I haven’t shared my recipe with you guys yet!  People would beg me for the recipe whenever I would bring them for a work potluck.  They are super simple, you just have to put your time and effort into it.  I also wanted to test out our new mandolin. Haha.

I started off by taking out two russet potatoes.  You don’t have to use russet, you can you whatever potato you want.  I just prefer these or Yukon gold for my scalloped potatoes.  I couldn’t wait to cut potatoes with our new awesome mandolin.  So I peeled the potatoes, rinsed them, put the mandolin on the third setting, and started cutting away.  It was so satisfying.  I rinsed them with cold water to wash away most of the starch.


In a pot, I threw in the potatoes and covered them with heavy cream.  You want the cream to cover most of the potatoes in the pot.  Bring this to a boil and lower the heat to about medium.


  To season my potatoes, I threw in some kosher salt, ground black pepper, ground thyme and a little bit of nutmeg.  Fresh ingredients are always better, but I used what I had for the evening!  As long as your cream mixture tastes yummy, you can ensure that the potatoes will taste the same when their cooking is complete.  Always taste your food along the way!


  As you’re waiting for the cream mixture to boil, preheat the oven to 400°F.  Also, prepare a baking dish by greasing it with butter generously.
Once you can poke a fork through the potatoes fairly easily, go ahead and take them off the heat.  For my cheese, I used an aged gouda.  Usually, I use a super-aged gouda and a meltier gouda.  Last night I had to use what we had.  You can use any variation of cheese/cheeses you’d like though.  Swiss works really well too!


  In the greased baking dish, I started by layering the potatoes and the cheese in a pattern.  Potatoes, cheese, potatoes, cheese, etc.  You want every bite to have an even amount of ingredients! Hold the cream mixture aside for later use.


  Once I was done layering the potatoes, I took the remaining cream mixture and pour it over the potatoes.  I usually add one more little spritz of kosher salt to the top.


  In the preheated 400°F oven, I put in the potatoes for 30 minutes.  Or until they are brown, melted and nice and bubbly.  Take it out the oven to enjoy, please let it cool!


  This was such a yummy dinner, Royce enjoyed some potatoes himself!  We paired everything with a delicious pinot noir.  It just goes hand in hand with the lamb!  I must admit our bellies were pretty happy!  For our lamb recipe click here!



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