NOLA Brunch & Beignets

  So, having a kid you forget to enjoy the simple things in life because you’re so busy.  Kevin and I decided to go to breakfast as a family one morning since it had been a while.  I pulled up my bookmarks and we chose NOLA Brunch and Beignets.  The menu sounded superb.  The sound of New Orleans cuisine in San Antonio was the perfect thing to fill our hungry bellies.

We walked in the super cute and cozy house-looking restaurant about 9:30 a.m and were seated immediately.  The inside consisted of modern light fixtures, but had an old school twist.  I almost felt like I was at my grandma’s house.  The bright blueish teal-ish walls were very inviting.  The hostess grabbed Royce a nice and clean high chair.  (I’m super weird with high chairs at restaurants) Our friendly waitress walked up and took our drink order.  Kevin and I started off by enjoying a much-needed warm cup of coffee.  NOLA gets extra points for serving water whether you asked for it or not.  Kudos to you guys.

The appetizer we started off with was the Cajun boudin flautas.  Definitely a San Antonio and New Orleans fusion on one plate.  Flautas served in a guajillo Chipotle gravy, with melty cheese on top, a preserved lemon cream with a fried egg.  I loved these things.  I honestly loved them more than my meal.  No offense to my meal or anything, but these bad boys were awesome.  The boudin was wonderful.  The lemon cream and the chipotle gravy married so well, and the busted yolk was the perfect finishing touch.


Kevin ordered the brisket grillades and grits.  This consisted of braised beef in a brown gravy over creamy grits and a fried egg on top. I thought this was pretty tasty and so did Kevin.  Unfortunately, he had hoped for something a little different.  So it was good but did not meet expectations by the way it was described on the menu.  It’s okay though, we still want to come back.


Me, on the other hand, REALLY enjoyed the meal.  I ordered something called the egg rockafella.  This consisted of potatoes with a spinach cream, fried oysters, and bacon.  Accompanied by a yummy poached egg.  The batter on the oysters was so light and crispy and very well seasoned.  Who knew that fried oysters could be thrown in a dish with a poached egg and create such an amazing breakfast?  I could definitely see myself ordering that again.  That is of course if I don’t eat the flautas for my meal next time. I can’t stop thinking about them.


  Last but not least, how could we not order beignets when the word “beignets” is in the name of the restaurant?  We ordered their classic, house-made beignets with just powdered sugar on top.  They were thick and fluffy.  I wouldn’t compare them to your usual Cafe Du Monde beignets, but they were still yummy.  This was NOLA’s beautiful version of beignets and I ain’t complaining.  I enjoyed those with MORE coffee.  This time with a round of Vietnamese iced coffee.  The sweet waitress brought me a to-go cup for it, which was really nice of her.  Thank you, girl!  That was super thoughtful, yet enabling.  (She doesn’t know about my caffeine addiction)


We left happy, but curious to see what else they had in store for us.  We will be back soon NOLA! I definitely suggest this spot for a great brunch experience!  You won’t be let down!

NOLA Brunch & Beignets
111 Kings Ct.
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 320-1572


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