My Surprise Breakfast Date at Cafezinho + The Update

  So, Friday was date night so Royce spent the night at his grandparent’s house.  The next morning Kevin kept this super secret about where we were gonna go for breakfast.  I got all dolled up and off we went.  We drove out of our neighborhood and made our way towards the highway.  Or did we?  Nope, Kevin stopped right there at this cute cafe called Cafezinho.  We’ve passed by it multiple times because we literally live down the street.  It always looked pretty busy on the outside and I’ve always wanted to try it.  So here we were!  Cafezinho is a small cafe and restaurant located in Selma, TX that is family owned.  Everyone there was so friendly and ensured our breakfast experience was great.

o (5)


When you walk in, you get that normal cozy feeling cafes normally give you.  You order at the counter when you walk in.  Then, they bring over your food and beverages.


To eat, Kevin and I both ordered “Breakfast Sammis”.  You get to choose whether its made with a croissant or an English muffin, sausage or peppered bacon and your egg fried however you’d like.  It is served with American cheese and comes with a bowl of mixed fruit.


We also ordered some coffees.  Kevin ordered the “Black Eye”.  Not the “Black Guy”, it might sound the same if you say it fast.  LOL.  What’s funny about that is the cashier mentioned how someone thought she was saying, “black guy”.  It gave us a good laugh.  I just ordered a caramel macchiato, mine didn’t come with a funny joke. Hmph.


So the only thing that was wrong with our first experience here is that our food came out before our coffees.  I think they had forgotten about us.  I was dying to save my sandwich for when my coffee arrived.  It was so good that I just couldn’t.  Turns out they DID forget about our coffees, so instead of giving us the mediums we ordered, they gave us larges.  Which we didn’t need, but was really sweet of them.

For dessert, we ordered one of their famous Cinna’Rolls.  They are made fresh daily and topped with an orange glaze.  This thing was so warm and delicious!  Kevin wasn’t a big fan of the orange glaze but I loved it!


Other than that little coffee hiccup, our experience at Cafezinho was amazing!  We will definitely be coming back.  From the yummy food to the cute atmosphere, Cafezinho is a winner!

UPDATE:  We did end up going back a few weeks later, unfortunately before I finished up the last blog post about it but!  Quick review:

My friend Mariah and her son Landon tagged along with us this time around, she ordered the Lemon Tuna on Ciabatta, and Landon got the chicken and bacon mac and cheese.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of her Lemon Tuna sandwich.  She said it was good, the only downside is that she had to get it plain because she was sharing with Landon.  It sure looked delicious!

The cashier is so funny, we were making Bon Qui Qui references with her.  Her apron said Bella on it but that wasn’t even her name. So we just called her Bon Qui Qui.

Kevin and I both ordered the steak wrap.  Thinly sliced ribeye with spinach and a horseradish aioli grilled with sauteed peppers and onions, topped with white cheddar and wrapped in a tomato-basil wrap.  I got mine with no onions and Kevin got his wrap with no peppers or onions.  This was pretty good, we both could have definitely used more horseradish aioli.  We are huge suckers for horseradish.  It was super delicious though.  We also shared our own chicken and bacon mac and cheese and Caesar salad.  These dishes were both so delicious and so HUGE. Their Caesar dressing is so flavorful.  That was huge AF as well. I love Cafezinho because you don’t spend that much and they give you so much food!  All of them are just so sweet and hospitable on top of it.  I can see this being a weekly thing.  We enjoyed another caramel macchiato on top of this.

Steak Wrap


Chicken Bacon Mac’ n’ Cheese
Caesar Salad



Okay, okay.  I’ve been working on this blog post for about 2 weeks because I was so backed up on school work and my son’s first birthday party.  (Which I will definitely post about.)  It is FINALLY done!  Thank you for continuing to support me and view my posts!  I appreciate it so much!

15861 IH35 North

Selma, Texas 78154

15861 IH-35 North
Selma, Texas 78154


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