What You Got In That Bag? March Glam Bag

Once again, I got my Ipsy bag super late.  The perks of living in Hawaii is that you receive everything after everyone else.  A March Glam bag in April, excellent!  I got a few little knick knacks that I can’t wait to try.  This month’s glam bag theme is “Hello, Spring!”.  It came with a cute pastel green bag with a floral print.  Just in time for spring.  Here are the 5 items the lovely company sent.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills – Winning!


So the other day I went to the Navy Exchange because I had heard that they now sell Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Turns out they take $3.00 off the MSRP price because it is a military store.  So right then and there I knew that I had to go during the scratch off coupon.  I walked into the store, and knew what I needed.   Continue reading “Anastasia Beverly Hills – Winning!”

St. Patty’s Day Make-Up Look

The second I woke up this morning, I knew I wanted to go green when it came to my eye shadow.  My work uniform is not green so I had to rock it some how.  I don’t really wear colors on my eyes anymore.  Neutral is my preference so this is a rarity.  Yes, I know… I’m boring.  Here is what what I used in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Continue reading “St. Patty’s Day Make-Up Look”

My Sigma Brushes Came In!!

I was super thrilled about my Sigma brushes coming in.  I was binge watching Carli Bybel for a few hours while Kevin was binge playing golf on the PS4.  He was so observant about what products I said I wanted to get, that he ended up ordering me some brushes and a palette!  I’ve heard so many amazing things about Sigma and couldn’t wait to try them. Continue reading “My Sigma Brushes Came In!!”

Kat Von D Knows Cosmetics


I got Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Contour Palette in the mail yesterday.  I used it today and I’m in love.  The pigmentation is so amazing.  I really enjoy the fact that I have 6 different shades to play with.  If you are just going shopping or going for a night out, this palette is versatile for any occasion.  Kevin bought me this by surprise one day when I was binge watching make up tutorials.  Can you say husband of the year?  He purchased this, and a set of Sigma brushes.  Those haven’t came in the mail yet, but trust me… you will know when they do.  I’m so stoked!  You can find this palette exclusively at Sephora.  This is a great way to rack up your Beauty Insider points!  Here’s my look for the day, featuring Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Contour palette. Continue reading “Kat Von D Knows Cosmetics”